Floating World

As I was talking to a neighbor this week, I realized that I hadn’t taken my kayak out at all yet in 2005. Wednesday was a beautiful, sunny day here in Seattle, so I tossed the yacht onto the car and coasted down the hill to Lake Union after work.

Seems like I’m always posting pictures taken FROM Gasworks Park - here are some taken OF the park from my the bridge of my yacht. The park is an old coal gasification plant that was given to the city by Washington Natural Gas. Soon, black stuff started burbling up to the surface. They had to scrape tons of topsoil, bring in fill, and install a burner that burns off benzene as it rises to the surface. I always cringe when I see kids playing in the sandbox there.

A picture named Gasworks with clouds.jpg

A picture named GasworksUpClose.jpg

One of the cool things about paddling in Lake Union is you get a dolphin’s eye view of life in the many “houseboats”, “floating homes”, really, that border the lake. I’m including some pictures of some I liked

A picture named LakeUnionHouseboat1.jpg
This one always seems so pleasantly jumbled, with all kinds of bric a brac on the deck.

A picture named LakeUnionHOuseboat2.jpg

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