Ashland 2007 Day 3

Tuesday we had just one evening play, so we (OK, I) dawdled a bit in the morning, and then drove about 10 miles south of town to Mt. Ashland. The Pacific Crest Trail winds through the Siskiyou Mountains around Ashland, and we hiked a stretch of it that we’ve liked in past trips. We had been promised a week of cloudless, sunny weather, if a bit toasty (low 100s F), and I was surprised to see this sprig of cloud. It kept building, however, and by evening we were having thunderstorms.

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Amidst the bone-dry terrain, there were a couple pockets of bog where bees, butterflies, wildflowers and birds were frantically dancing to the tune of their truncated summer. Mrs. Perils tells me the names of the wildflowers, but I can seldom remember them.

In the upper left, a yellow jacket of some kind is hauling a moth carcass down to a buried nest.  I had watched him struggle mightily with his bulky prize, wondering if he meant to fly off with it before I saw him heading for the hole.

OK, enough with the eye candy - tomorrow I’ll address some plays.  We see As You Like It and Distracted on Wednesday, as well as taking a guided backstage tour.

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  1. Nice pics, phil. Love those butterflies and dragonfy. Beautiful. It’s been hot here too, so you’re not missing any cool ocean breezes coming in off the straits or anything like that.