A Moment of Reflection

Well, after that rant (it felt good, I won’t apologize), I stumbled across another article in the WSJ detailing an SEC proceeding against Kenneth Lay, wherein they charge “Mr. Lay has “demonstrated a frankly whimsical approach” to claiming his constitutional protection against self-incrimination” in refusing to produce documents.
So, there IS after all some desultory federal activity on this case (though I’m not prepared to wear sunglasses day and night so as not to be blinded by its incandescence), and I probably should shut up about any legal matters unless I am willing to take on the task of credible research to validate my rantings.
I have no desire to write a political blog, as others are covering that ground so well. My passions so far outstrip my expertise that it would just be a fucking mess. But, damn, this corporate piracy stuff really sets me off.