Film At 11

The Tyco/Kozlowski jury yesterday got to see edited video of the birthday party held for Mrs. Kozlowski on Sardinia. It’s available in two parts from the WSJ online Part 1 and Part 2 . (May or may not be accessible without a WSJ Online subscription - I’m sure it’s available elsewhere online). Shortly after the jury saw the film, prosecutors releaseed it to the media.
It’s no crime, of course, to throw a party. And it’s not hard to make attendees at any party look foolish by following them around with a camera. If Kozlowski hadn’t countermanded the assets of a publicly held corporation, and instead tapped his own bank account of after-tax earnings, it would be no big deal.
In an interesting aside, the film of the party may have a salubrious economic effect:

Some party planners say the video may be a boost to the recession-shocked industry, which has been in a funk since 9/11. John Baragona, publisher of Event Solutions, a trade magazine for event planners, praised the “creative use” of props to depict the Roman Imperial theme.

“That’s a real skill,” Mr. Baragona said. “Those are the kinds of things the event industry is proud of.”