A Fine November Hike

A picture named perils.jpgWe had a quiet Thanksgiving dinner, during which our son surprised us by suggesting that we take a hike together on Sunday.  So, we drove east on I-90 to North Bend and hiked a new trail up to Rattlesnake Ridge.  (There are few, if any, rattlers in Western Washington - the place got its name when a surveyor heard seed pods rattling in the wind and was scared shitless that it was a rattler.)

It was a gorgeous day once we got above the inversion layer that was blanketing Seattle.  The kid (22 now) led the way up the trail at a really rockin’ pace, and for the first time in my life (heretofore spent walking at his pace, carrying him when he just wouldn’t walk another step) I felt like I might not be able to keep up.  Since I’ve spent a lot of breath trying to get him to hike or bike or stuff with us/me, I wasn’t about to complain about a silly thing like the pace.

We egged each other, the three of us (my wife is a rock climber and no slouch on the trail), up the trail and ended up walking/climbing a long way on snow.  We got sweaty-hot on the hike up, then shivery when we finally stopped climbing and ate lunch.  There were some great views of the Snoqualmie valley along the way.

Picture 1: Early primates crouch in the cold and eat their meager repast.





Picture 2: Looking across the valley at Mt. Si.











Picture 3: Looking back toward Seattle and the inversion layer.