Kerry Makes Running Downhill Look Uphill

Here’s a distressing bit of news, from this morning’s Seattle Times

Kerry himself: The Kerry campaign is not yet well-organized in Washington. The campaign will open an office here and name a local campaign director later this month. Pollster Stuart Elway found Bush running against “any Democrat” fares worse than Bush running against Kerry specifically. The candidate has to come here and spend the time earning voters’ affection. A campaign spokeswoman said he would come to the state around May 26.

It seems I’ve heard this “Kerry is not yet organized in _________ state” more than once, most glaringly in Florida.  And the fact that Bush does better when you fill in Kerry’s name as an opponent make you wonder if there still isn’t time to draft an electable candidate.  In this climate of bad news for the administration, Kerry is tanking by merely staying even.  But that may be as much a reflection of the nation’s polarization - nothing will budge supporters from either side.