Ships In The Night

Well, we pushed back late on Friday night, taxied to the end of our runway preparing to take off, then had to park for 20 - 25 minutes while the airport was locked down and Air Farce One departed.  I don’t begrudge the delay.  I consider it a gift to the city of Milwaukee to get Georgie out of town with the greatest despatch.  However, it meant that I landed in Detroit with less than 15 minutes until my connecting flight to Atlanta departed.  If you know what the new Detroit terminal is like, you know it’s a long and desperate slog from Gate 73 to Gate 25.  They were a few minutes late loading that plane, so I arrived at the gate sweating, but in plenty of time to get on.

I was scheduled to leave Atlanta Monday afternoon for Seattle, and my brother improved my spirits by telling me that Bush was coming to Atlanta Monday to fund-raise.  I’m starting to feel all Sleepless In Seattle about this guy.  I volunteered, as it turned out, to visit my client’s Georgia plant and cover a bit for a fellow that passed away suddenly last week, so I’m flying home Tuesday night.  Meanwhile, Bush raised nearly $3 million in Atlanta Monday, visiting the luxurious home of a Home Depot honcho for a $5,000/plate dinner.  Me, I had Mexican with my brother and sister-in-law.  Guess GW and I aren’t travelling in the same circles after all.  Though that in no way demeans my brother and wife.  Really.  $5,000 a plate.  No, Mexican’s fine, I’m not picky.