Post Card Kind of Night

A picture named Lake Union Regatta.jpg

These soft summer evenings of seemingly unlimited daylight are too nice to sit inside. I used a trip to the grocery store the other night as a pretext to walk down to Gasworks Park on Lake Union. There was a huge sailboat regatta going on, with just enough breeze to make it interesting, and the entire lake was bristling with sailcloth.  The boats above are passing close to the houseboat from which Tom Hanks’ son made his clandestine radio station phone calls in Sleepless In Seattle.

A picture named TeaPartyAfloat.jpg

The crew above has no interest in the rigors of yachting.  Drifting along under the power of a trolling motor, they’re sitting around a table snacking and imbibing the ballast from the cooler on the bow.  I’ve seen this craft before, and I believe there’s a barbeque to the driver’s right.

A picture named SeattleSkylineatSunset.jpg

As the sun set, the lake was backlit by the faux incandescence of its reflection off the downtown buildings.