Bon Voyage

I watched John Kerry’s acceptance speech last night.  It was the only thing I’ve watched from the convention, and the only time I’ve heard Kerry on the campaign trail this year.  I just don’t watch much tv, and even less tv news.

I was reasonably impressed with his demeanor, delivery and the fact that the speech was in comprehensible English, a circumstance over which Democrats have increasing hegemony.  I felt that the Vietnam war hero thing was way overdone.  The “reporting for duty” salute was REALLY a howler.  Max Cleland’s terrific introduction speech would have been enough.  It’s a really sorry-ass state that would vote that man out of office.

The second half of the speech let me down quite a bit.  There was the embarrassing litany of the old Democrat chicken-in-every-pot thing, plus a ludicrous promise to cut middle-class taxes.  The country’s in Chapter 11.  Middle management don’t get raises from a bankrupt company, and there isn’t enough revenue to be raised, I don’t think, from those earning over $200,000.

Still, it looks like we’ve launched a viable candidate that won’t sink the first time the tugs turn it loose outside the harbor.