I’m sitting in my car in a parking space on Ballard Avenue, waiting for a group of friends to arrive so we can celebrate someone’s birthday at the Portalis wine bar.  Serendipitously, I’m picking up a WiFi signal that’s just about as strong as the one I have at home, and I’m typing and surfing while I wait.  I do feel sort of conspicuous - people are circling around looking for a parking space, and I can feel their hateful staring as I studiously ignore them.  The owner of the deli I’m parked smack in front of is also more than idly curious, as I may be stealing both his customers AND his internet bandwith.  So what.  He’s welcome to come sit in front of MY house and surf on my signal.

OK, my group is here - I’ll rejoin normal society as as soon as I press Post.