Lake Serene Hike

We’ve settled into a nice fall weather pattern here, with some fog in the morning that lifts by midday.  Just the sort of weather that you don’t want to leave in order to work a week in Milwaukee.  I had that familiar feeling of angst as we flew out of Seattle this morning, seeing Rainier and the other volcanoes floating on their cushion of cloud.  As we reached the east side of the Cascades, the fog layer cleared and exposed dark green valleys cosseting silver rivers, and high alpine meadows speckled with shimmering lakes.

This effect is softened quite a bit by the fact that, yesterday, we were lolling beside one of those lakes.  Along with our son, we hiked the 3.6-mile trail up to Lake Serene.  The trail is just off US 2 near Index.  It seemed fairly steep, gaining just over 2,000 feet.  I thought we were keeping a brisk pace, the natural result of our astonishing athleticism, but our kid kept pulling away from us.  Hard to believe I used to carry him up trails like this.

I’m glad he likes hiking and the outdoors now.  When he was younger, he disliked it intensely, and we either went alone, or just didn’t, so I don’t mind having to chase him a bit now - we’re finally on the same page about a lot of things and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

On the drive home through rural Snohomish County, there was a sign (camera was in the trunk,dammit!) that said:

Reptile Zoo


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