In The Desert You Can’t Remember Your Name

Entirely too much talk around here and not enough photography.

I’ve been in Tucson again the last three days.  I’ve finally gotten some Tucson-like weather after having it be more like Seattle than Seattle has been the last two times down.  I mean, the last time my plane in Phoenix was delayed for RAIN, for fuck’s sake!

Last night, I was walking around in balmy weather downtown and came across a sorta charming old hotel, the Hotel Congress.  At first, I thought it might be an Xrated movie playing.  I walked in (after ascertaining that it was, indeed, a hotel) and it was a funky old early 20th century place.

A picture named Hotel Congress Entry.jpg

It’s also apparently a leading music venue.  There was no one playing that night, but I snapped a picture of the bar, and its decor.  Some local artist must have had a Pubist Period.

A picture named Hotel Congress Bar 3.jpg