I’m going to steal an idea from Kathy at Freshman44, who is making a Found Art form out of shuffle mixes from her iPod, but I’m going to call it the Guilty Pleasure Mix of the Day.  Those of you who know that I only post once a month can warn the others to take the “of the Day” with a grain of salt.  These mixes (even if I only do one) willl feature songs that everyone derides as execrable pap, but which, when they come on unexpectedly in an elevator, make you want to grab the unsuspecting fellow passenger and dance her silly until the door opens.  OK, here’s my offering:

  • Kiss On My List - Hall & Oates

  • Light Sings - Fifth Dimension

  • Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra

  • Close To You - The Carpenters

  • Happy Together - The Turtles

  • Bus Stop - The Hollies

  • Cherish - The Association

  • Grey Day - Jesse Colin Young

OK, I’m exhausted.  Hit me with some of your guilty pleasures.  I’ve got 3 more Mountain Dew free-iTunes-song bottle caps.