Another case of Titleus Interruptus. In August, none of us who foolishly preoccupy ourselves with the Buckeyes’ football fortunes thought that a team rebuilding from losing 8 players to the 2007 NFL draft would be sitting at 10-0 on November 9th. Once we were, however, we saw no reason that we wouldn’t be 12-0 on November 18th. We simply got outplayed, at the Horseshoe, by a team that inexplicably wanted it more than we did.

This period of mourning will last about 4 more hours. Then it’s time to start thinking about Saturday and the possibility of heaping more disappointment on this benighted household.  The Rose Bowl’s a pretty good consolation prize to play for.


  1. HEY! I offer you sympathy and this is the thanks I get?? Benighted household indeed!

    We’ll be flying this Thursday & Monday? You?

  2. Phil:

    Sorry, Nancy, the prescription pain relievers I conned from my corrupt UM physician friend haven’t kicked in yet. I’m flying Thursday, but from SEA to Charleston, SC through Houston Bush. Flying back Sunday evening. You?

  3. Carroll:

    Hard doth the mighty heroes fall. Condolences, Phil. I was rootin’ for ya!