Ball ‘n Chain

Today also marks the 34th annual recurrence of the day Mrs. Perils made an uncharacteristic lapse in good judgment and became my bride. Backstory here.

When I travel, I usually hoard a few packets of pretzels and peanuts to proffer upon my return. This innoculates me from higher expectations that might involve expensive trips to duty-free stores. I’ll have to check my luggage pockets, but I don’t believe I’ve retained any from this trip, and it’s going to cost me.

We have anniversary dinner reservations at a neat little neighborhood restaurant, Tilth, which features eclectic organic fare, and is owned and chef-ed by a woman that Mrs’ Perils knows from her climbing gym. (She’s the last person you’d think of as a social climber, but there you go).

I’m thinking we might do a little bit of urban hiking this afternoon, and arrive at the restaurant in good spirits and with healthy appetites.

Update: I found a couple packets of airline nibbles I saved from last weekend:

I think I’ll take her to dinner anyway.


  1. Congratulations and Happy 34th Anniversary. I’m sure those delectable nibbles will make Mrs. Perils swoon with delight, but yes dinner at Tilth sounds like a good thing to do anyway! Hope it’s a perfect day for you both.

  2. Happy Anniversary you two.

    I’ll have the zucchini salad for starters, but I can’t decide between the pappardelle and the salmon. I like hangar steak, but I hate fennel, so that’s out.

    Have a wonderful time!

  3. Phil, Happy Anniversary to you and your extraordinary bride! I think a sampler from the menu would be an appropiate way to celebate 34 years…a little of everything. If you can’t get through it all, the albacore tuna, mussels, salmon, and hangar steak will probably ship well to Dallas. I left a post in response to your query over at my blog…the place for you to go is Pretty intuitive and easy to use. Have a great time and give my regards to Mrs. Perils!

  4. beatriz:

    It was a swell walk and dinner. We had some amazing appetizers comped by the kitchen, the crab salad, the salmon, the tuna, also a gift from the owner, the pork cheeks and the duck burgers. Really delectable.
    The chef herself is in New York for the James Beard Awards; I hope she wins!

  5. Phil:

    Thanks, you guys! I’ll check out the player, John, thanks.

  6. Happy Anniversary, you two! Excellent way to celebrate and many happy returns.

    Just today, driving by Tilth elicited a comment from the Missus in the way of “gosh, how I’ve been meaning to go there.” (Mmmm…duck burger.)

  7. salutations and congratulations from sunny (albeit windy) humboldt county.

  8. Carroll:

    Very belated, but nonetheless heartfelt congratulations (punctuated by considerable drooling) to you both! We have a big anniversary coming up this weekend ourselves. Gratifyingly, our sons have both requested an accounting of our “secrets” for a long and happy marriage. Hey now, Phil! Maybe *there*’s a blog-post idea for you :-)

    Here’s to many more!

  9. She doesn’t deserve you, Phil! Happy anniversary.