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It’s been downright balmy here in Milwaukee the last couple of days, and I’ve gotten out on bike rides each of the last two nights.  Last night, I took a detour down to the shore of Lake Michigan, and was rewarded with this moonrise - the Hunter’s Moon, I guess it’s called.  Actually, the full moon is tonight, but I probably won’t see it because it socked in and started raining this morning.

I have just one more presidential debate to avoid, and I think I have a pretty chance of succeeding - I have to go to dinner tonight with a gaggle of my client’s salesmen.  I doubt that the debate will be showing at any of the possible venues we’ll be haunting.


  1. beatriz:

    Lovely - Who knew it could be so scenic there?

  2. A beautiful moon shot, Phil. Did you miss the debate? We watched every last minute of it. McCain was crazy as ever. Obama was calm and serene. The differences between them in every way couldn’t be more stark.

  3. holy cow–was it really that orange?

  4. as you must know by now……you didn’t miss much. a dinner that merely avoided ptomaine, and i’m sure milwaukee offered better, was a better deal.

  5. Presidential debate vs. dinner with salesmen.