Feliz Cumpleanos

To Mrs. Perils today. I won’t divulge her age, but I will say that she misses Truman.

Since I’m living the high life gallivanting around the country, I’m going to make sure to save her some extra snacks from the airplane on my way home Friday night.  Perhaps our son will do something festive in my stead.

It’s nice that it falls on the Veteran’s Day holiday.  Way back when I worked for the state, I even got the day off.

Have a fine day, dear!


  1. beatriz:

    Truman? Is that one of your old friends? Boy, talk about a left-handed birthday greeting! Thanks, however, for at least the photo of a cake. We may be having cupcakes…

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Perils! What a Beautiful Cake!

  3. Happy BDay Mrs. Perils!

    Mmmmm cake.

  4. beatriz:

    Thanks. And now that we have gotten a new gas range, I can bake stuff again.

  5. Carroll:

    Ooooh, I missed the party :-( Belated felicitations from a couple of states South, however. And again, my envious compliments on those lovely placemats you have!

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