This Is Just Ridiculous

Three yards and a cloud of dust?  Try 25 yards in the clouds.  Beanie Wells channels Edwin Moses against Illinois last weekend.  The guy’s 235 lbs without the pads.:


  1. ~Pred:

    That is unbelievable. Sometimes I forget that sport is art.

  2. ~Pred:

    I keep watching it…he doesn’t even get a great plant off his left foot before he launches himself. Amazing.

  3. Ray Lewis:

    Yep, art to die for.

    My fellow linebackers and I keep replaying that clip,
    hoping he’ll continue perfecting it–higher and higher–
    til we can do a definitive Jack Tatum on him

    Salivating here, machinating, hyperventilating

  4. Phil:

    Pred - great to see you again! How are the halls of academe? Still there? Yeah, he sorta goes into “control” mode, trying to make the defender commit first, so he’s not at full speed when he leaps.

    Ray - you saying you want him to come out early? ;-) I agree this burgeoning fad of hurdling tacklers exposes these guys to greater risk of injury. I don’t see the coaches discouraging it, though.

  5. ~Pred:

    Lordy loo–I’m still kicking, blogging, not so much. T-minus a year or so before I’m Dr. Pred. Still reading/procrastinating though. Keep well!

  6. Man-child running to the Promised Land. Beanie should consider a move to linebacker–the money would be better, the career longer, opposing offenses more terrified.

  7. Carroll:

    Wow! And nice games for both of us today, Phil. We get roses, how about you guys?

  8. Phil:

    Carroll, I fear we get a berth in some Cracker Bowl, against an SEC opponent that will eat our lunch. I’m not sure anyone could have beaten us today, though. Our seniors were kicking ass & taking names. We didn’t get the feed from the PSU-MSU game down there in SC, so I can only congratulate you on the win, the Rose Bowl trip, and your coach’s new hip. You should make the trip to the Rose Bowl. It’s an anachronistic experience of how bowl games should be conducted.

    Marc - he had a great game Saturday.

    Pred - All the best in your endeavors! It’s been a long slog. Keep in touch.