Be True To Your School

No lie - I saw a car with one of these plates this morning on the 520 bridge:

but the letters in black after the “W” were ANKER.


  1. Employing that good old euphemistic standby, cockney rhyming slang, we can assume that the car was driven by a repentant guardian of the nation’s wealth.

  2. Oh, those rascally Cougs!

  3. Phil:

    It was a sorta sporta car. Wish I coulda gotten a snap. Yeah, Molly, I’m sure it was a Coug.

    Which denomination are you? (if either)

  4. Fiat Slug! (UCSC)

  5. Phil:

    Ooh, a coveted mascot. I’ll buy tickets when they play TCU (Horned Frogs).

  6. I think the only varsity sports they have are ultimate frisbee, cycling, and swimming. A little mollusk on mollusk action would be fine, also, if we could arrange a matchup with Evergreen State.