Stolen Afternoon

Quickly, since I’m at Seatac waiting for a flight to Minneapolis, and thence to Milwaukee:

I played some hooky on Thursday afternoon and did a kayak adventure, launching in West Seattle and paddling about 12 miles, as the drunken sailor lurches, on a gorgeous Seattle summer afternoon. Here’s the GPS story..  The cool thing about that link is that you can click the forward arrow and the little ballooney icon will trace my peregrinations.

Also, some photos, just to emphasize that the weather was fantastic, and it was worth sacrificing some chargeable hours to go out and bob around:

More as I switch to Road Warrior mode.


  1. beatriz:

    And were you ever smart to get out on the water that day; it was so fricking hot on land. Swell photos, as always…

  2. Ms.Lea:

    Very Cool GPS Map and what a Great Day! It’s pretty hot here as well.

  3. It sure is beautiful there in the sunlight and blue skies. Great shots, phil.

  4. Lucky man! What a great place to kayak.

    Lovely images. My favorite was the guy & the dog. And the map was fun.

  5. Phil:

    ooh, Ms. Lea - you guys conflagrate when we singe.

    Robin - even in Northern CA, you guys are warm

    Kathleen - it was heavenly, even if I had some current to paddle against on the way home.