Totally Rocks!

Our kid has a cameo in an article about climbing at Index, WA in the October issue of Climbing Magazine.  He gets his abs from his mom.  But not the chest hair, so much:


  1. May:

    Very nice abs and hair!

  2. Is “Inner Zulu” a climbing term or is there something you haven’t told us about his parentage?

  3. I’ve always been envious of people with visible abs. But then I realize I can do nothing about my genes, so I turn away and search for a place where I can rest, drink a cuba libre, and munch on high-calorie snacks.

  4. Carroll:

    Naw, you’re just joshing us, Phil. Really, they just rotated a picture of him crawling along on some concrete, right?

    That is a seriously impressive looking set of arm muscles he’s got going on too. I bet they give great hugs :-)

  5. Carroll:

    BTW, if any of your rock climbing readers are interested in this link, a young (13 years old!) friend of our older son down at Big Bear is on track to become the youngest climber to bag the Seven Summits (he’s doing 8, just to be on the safe side since apparently there’s some controversy about one of them) He’s a really neat kid, and you can follow his story here:

  6. That’s really a great photo. He looks totally in his element.

  7. beatriz:

    Last summer, I belayed Andrew on this climb, 90 plus feet of hard climbing. I could not even start this climb at the very bottom. As he got higher and higher on the route, my heart started pounding so hard I wondered if he could feel it through the rope! When he reached the top, I was so tremulous. Such a wonderful day, I felt privileged to be there with our son.

  8. It’s a great but truly scary photo. Some people are truly mad I’ve decided. I’m with Springer Kneeblood, though make mine a Chardonnay

  9. Phil:

    Can’t add a thing that his Mom’s comment doesn’t cover in spades.