Christmas arrived like a summer storm, and I’ve been running a little ragged.  I’ll be back here soon.  Meantime, here’s a nice number from our holiday concert last Sunday.  I’m in the group of trumpets on the right of the stage. (turn it UP!):

More videos from the concert collected here:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day.


  1. beatriz:

    This was the best holiday concert I’ve ever attended. You guys were wonderful.

  2. That’s a grand seasonal storm you’re all blowing up there. Great stuff.

    All the very best to you and Mrs Perils for 2010.

  3. Carroll:

    Woooo, and two good games today to cap off the season.

    Merry New Year to you and your good family, Phil! Maybe 2010’s the year we’ll finally connect in person :-)

  4. Marcy:

    We were talking about you this afternoon as we watched the game and got a too short but impressive glimpse of the band. I thoroughly enjoyed this clip of the concert and another one on vimeo. Even though I don’t comment I hope you know I still visit. All the best in the new year. Cheers.

  5. Phil:

    Dick & Carroll: Thanks, guys, happy new year to you! Yes, Carroll, if you were able to meet Mr. Jones, it’s entirely possible that we’ll bump into each other here on the left coast.

    Marcy, enjoyable game. Nice that in the gold rush that the bowl season has become, ABC committed 3 minutes to each band. I was watching in a sports bar with other OSU alums, so couldn’t hear them very well, though.