Tech Talk

Pretty much settled in with the new Macbook, slowly adding amenities and adjustments.  Still sort of mystified by a few things, but that’s just cuz I’m suffering IT fatigue and just naturally lazy anyway.  I’ve spent my entire professional career - the part that involves software consulting, anyway - condescending to retail training courses and “for dummies” manuals.  But the PC, DOS, Windows and I grew up together much like siblings, and I learned their features and quirks incrementally, as we shared bathwater and blamed each other when things went wrong;  OTOH, I’m late to the Mac party and hence ignorant of many of the simplest things that the allegedly non-techie Mac aficionados know by rote.  So, I’m thinking I could actually benefit from trekking down to the Apple Store at University Village and sitting through a couple of courses on the Mac, even if they patronize the crap out of me.

However, Saturday morning at 9 am would probably not be the best time to try to saunter into those heady environs, because that’s when the doors open for the first day of sales for the much-anticipated iPad.  I think it would be a blast to be there, but more to view it at a distance.  It would be like watching the Battle of the Little Bighorn through binoculars. Or Jonestown.

I’m intrigued by the iPad as a piece of technological eye candy, but when I start to think about how I’d actually use it, things get a little blurry.  As I move through the world, I almost always have my Macbook, my phone, an iPod and a digital camera in my pack.  Oh, yeah, and a book or two.  At first blush, the iPad seems to represent a convergence of all of these devices in a light, pretty package. On closer inspection, however, it doesn’t have a camera; has no phone capability unless you use something Vonage or Skype; can’t run my Windows software (like my Macbook can under VMWare); and only has access to a fraction of the books in print.  The net result is, I will still have to haul my separate electronics around most of the time and, given that, throwing the iPad into my pack doesn’t add a whole lot of functionality, except perhaps the 10 hours of battery life.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the first brace of kool (aid) kids possessing iPads, and perhaps I’ll see something I’m missing.   By that time, I presume it’ll be somewhat cheaper than $700.


  1. I’ve been trying to figure out what is supposed to be so appealing about the new iPad. I haven’t quite grasped its greatness yet.

  2. I like the iPad conceptually, but I’m still tethered to a Sony Vaio with a Microsoft heart & soul. And, like you, I like phones, cameras, and familiarity.

  3. I’m with Robin…is the world going to pass us by because we don’t use an ipad? I think not.

  4. Phil:

    Well, I slept in and missed the opening. Haven’t heard any sirens or gunfire.

    Tara - you guys DO know it’s a computer, right? ;=)

  5. iPad is really taking a hype these days because of its features. It’s more like a resized iTouch and yes, there’s no phone and camera capability. But the good thing about this is that, it has wider screen and you can actually treat it as a mini net book.

  6. We crossed over to Mac four years ago and, after a brief period of disorientation, turned our backs happily on the Microsoft World of Clunk. I’ll pass on the iPad, though: no camera and no ‘phone seems very mean-spirited.

  7. I have Mac-envy but no Mac (yet, anyway). I have an IPod (which I use a lot, especially for audiobooks and a few podcasts in addition to music), drool a little over the new IPad, but will wait for awhile and see what happens with new versions. It seems a little like very cool mind jewelry. My “clunky” stuff on my desktop and lap top is such a miracle to me, that living in the “dark ages” is still pretty fun, but I will be interested to read about your experience with your Macbook. I do just happen to have a birthday coming up, and there ought to some consolation for turning 59 (oh my God did I say that out loud). I meant to say 57, uh make that 49, or how about? Yes! I will be 35 on my next birthday!