Here’s a podcast with all of our RCB 2011 marching music, recorded at band camp a couple of weeks ago.  The recording was made in a cavernous room with no acoustics, during our last session on Sunday, so lips are a bit tattered and the sound is what it is.  Still, I think you can tell how much fun we’re having with this.

The theme is Dance Party, and our music director tried to make selections from the last 4 decades:

Gonna Make You Sweat
Ladies’ Night
I Gotta Feeling
Land of a Thousand Dances
Four Minutes
Soul Bossa Nova
You Dropped A Bomb On Me
Hey, Baby

More about band camp later.


  1. I’ll be back in the early morning to listen with my first cup of coffee. Zowie. Sounds like a unique way to start a Monday! ;}

  2. Didn’t make it this morning, but that audio makes a terrific after pick-me-up! Our grandson, Alex, was in “rookie” camp for the Tate Marching Band last year here in Pensacola. This year, he will be one of the old-timers working over the rookies. He’s looking forward to it!

  3. That was fantastic! I wish I could jet on over to Seattle to hear you guys in the Solstice Parade! Enjoy yourselves! No doubt it will be outstanding.

  4. Phil:

    thanks, Beth, it’s a rush.

    Springer - one more chance to hear our marching incarnation: the Vancouver (BC) Pride Parade on 7/31. If you haven’t been to Vancouver, you should put it on your bucket list.

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