Happy New Year 2014

So I’ve slouched passively towards 2014 (although “rough beast” is probably a compliment I haven’t earned), dressing in sensible layers and avoiding hypothermia and making no promises to myself or others..well, non-work-related others.  (to my employers: I’ll deliver on-time and under-budget, if I haven’t already).

I know New Years’ Resolutions are a folk tradition, but I’ve never seen how one can develop the ebullience necessary to contemplate bold initiatives for financial gain or corporeal loss or connubial bliss at this time of year, when it’s all you can do to remember that you set that January alarm clock for the distinct purpose of arising in the freezing cold dark in order to arrive at some vague destination in search of monetary gain, and that it’s not yawping at you because your enemies are gathered around your bed in gleeful retributive cacophony. At this latitude, in January you don’t fully realize this until around 10:00.

Even so, it’s appropriate to ever so gingerly look forward to things already in place on the calendar, without promulgating implausible outcomes:

  • at some point (OK, October 21) I’ll turn 65. Just (indulge me for a moment), holy shit.  I’ve pretty much blown by my “zero” birthdays with the help of good health and friends and alcohol.  For this one there is at least one  “arrangement”: Medicare? - I haven’t actually looked into it yet. Not sure yet what else.  I think some “senior discounts” begin to accrue, but most likely not for the good stuff. Watch this space…
  • our annual trip to Ashland, OR to watch plays and recreate is already locked in for the first week of July
  • we’re going to Pawley’s Island, SC in late March to scatter our mom’s ashes as she requested, and it will be another opportunity to advance the sibling bonding that we’ve nurtured for the last 2+ decades. Unless we decide to fight over her will.
  • our musical endeavors continue, and rehearsals have already started for a symphonic band concert on 4/5; my swing band will play at Crossroads on 2/1; we’ll have another band camp with our Rainbow City Band peeps in May in Port Townsend, and a fun list of parades throughout the summer
  • I’ll join my OSU Alumni Band on 9/13 for our annual debauch of music and marching and memories

I really would like to do a multi-day kayak trip like I did a couple years ago in Desolation Sound, but nothing concrete so far.  And whatever happens, we’re sure to keep physical fitness firmly in our crosshairs even if it’s just the mundane but enjoyable litany of urban hikes and bike-commuting to work.

There are some significant initiatives that need to be engaged around our domicile. My mom’s lesson of ruthlessly winnowing stuff around her house, as she did for the last 10 years, is not lost on me.  Her place was pretty easy to close up, especially compared to what our poor offspring would have to contend with if we suddenly croaked or needed to enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.

As a “resolution”, that one’s pretty wan, especially if you deconstruct the word and hold “resolve” in your left hand  and “lack of” in your right hand.  I’m right-handed, if you hadn’t already guessed.

So Happy 2014 to both my readers!  If you’re of the Resolution persuasion, I’d love to hear what you’re planning.


  1. My one basic resolution is quite simple: beoome a better human being. It’s such an easy one, it’s almost embarrassing; I mean, really, it’s impossible to screw it up, as there’s nothing available in the other direction. I may add a resolution that’s a little harder to achieve, like getting taller. Your plans for 2014 are more concrete than mine; I may ask you to give me lessons later in the year.

  2. I probably should make resolutions, but I have no willpower. There are just so many aspects of me that could use some work, I get tired just thinking about it. I read some of your plans out loud to Roger. We had a good laugh. Ah, here’s my resolution– to laugh more. Thank you for that.

  3. Brian:

    That is most ambitious, the best thing about retiring is not having any schedule that you must keep, and I have taken that to a new level, I don’t belong to any groups that meet regularly nor a bowling league, golf league or whatever. Each day I get up and decide what will occupy my valuable time. In the past we have given some exceptions to this lack of planning if we were taking road trips that would involve others who don’t have our flexibility. As for the annual ritual of making promises we haven’t been able to keep in the past and never will, we skip that too, unless the the urge strikes us on waking up.

  4. Well, I hope your language clears up soon, and the dissertationese slips out of it, but I admire the perseverence of your decluttering idea.

    Mothers end up knowing a lot more than I previously thought, I find as I slide through the years unnoticed.

    Glad to see the Perilous blogger up & at it again. Maybe the FireAnt will rustle up something or other soon.


  5. Phil:

    John - that’s great, almost like a mission statement.

    Robin - It seems as if you guys are constantly in motion. I certainly don’t see you gaining weight! By my lights, you’ve crafted a wonderful life.

    Brian - I’d love to be able to just live in the moment. Where’s the fucking finish line here, anyway? Someone forgot to mark it.

    Teresa - (Slap! I needed that) Yeah, it was a little florid. My last writing workshop was in the 70s. I don’t wanna just talk about my cats..primarily cuz they’re all dead. I’d love to see FireAnt up again! It was so sassy.

  6. I counted four readers. Make that five. Very comforting to know you are two and and half (or so) years older than I am. Don’t be put off by the new url. I’ve done my usual peripatetic thing and made a new blog for 2014, with a twist. This one gathers up all (or all I could find anyway) of all the old ones, plus some extra previously unpublished bonus material (heh).

    I like walking the beach on Pawleys and the low country vibe. Good bourbon. Could come in handy. Also Lee Brothers has a fine store with all manner of gourmet provisions.

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