Mi Cumpleanos

So I approach another birthday, insignificant in terms of celebrated “zero” numerology, but it’s still there and has to be navigated.  I think these are “speed-bump” birthdays, but they’re becoming less disruptive, and more complicit in abetting my hurtling to dusty doom.

It’s like I’m cruising along, as we do in a comfortable car that befits our age, registering the occasional Mail Pouch barn painting, even perhaps a Burma Shave collection of signs (Sleepy?/Just remember, pard,/That marble slab/Is doggone hard.), when I check my speedometer and - shit! - see it says 68.  I was sure I had put it on cruise control at 50.

Even so, it’s just a blip.  When I hit this late October birthday, in recent years, I’ve been thinking that, Hey!, even if I get a diagnosis, I’ve got one more summer.  And since I mostly avoid my doctor, I’m unlikely to even have a diagnosis.

So here we go again, one more lap around the celestial wristwatch.  Look forward to my 69th.


  1. Different celestial wristwatch, but around the same spot on the dial. Good still to be also sharing e-space with you 14 years on from our Salon Bloggers debut!

  2. Kathleen:

    A friend advised me that middle age is halfway between our age and 100!

  3. I love this birthday post! “…my hurtling to dusty doom,” sums it up so well. Until then, enjoy these revolutions around the sun and have a wonderful birthday.

  4. John:

    Birthdays tend to come quicker and with less pomp as we age, don’t they? Mine are moving along at such a rapid clip that I think I’ll catch up with you by next year.

  5. Phil:

    Dick: Yes, that was a very formative time for me. Glad we’ve been able to maintain the Salon connection.

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