Not So Hot-el

Season’s greetings from our family’s winter compound, where I spent the weekend!

Well, here I am now in frigid Milwaukee, where I woke up to 0F this morning, and after the short jaunt from the hotel entrance to my rental car, you could have used my frozen-solid eyeballs to cool your beverage this evening.

Not that it’s that much better back in Seattle, where their lows are in the ‘teens.  (I can sympathize - many of my lows were in my teens as well.)  I think that once it drops below 40F, however, the misery is only a matter of degree.

In the bonus round this afternoon, it snowed about 2″, and I may have to go out later and tromp around in it.

Meanwhile, I’m having a chicken wrap and a chardonnay in the hotel bar.  This hotel seems to have a long-term arrangement with several black religious organizations, and there are often conferences in the meeting rooms adjacent to the bar attended by folks who are something of an anachronism, from a west coast point of view, dressed to the nines and very mannered.

Their meetings are spirited, and their exclamations occasionally punctuate the Stevie Ray Vaughn and Lynyrd Skynyrd bar soundtrack.

As they adjourn and walk past the bar to their cars, the husbands lag behind the wives just a beat, and cast fugitive, wistful glances in our direction.

(Well, the glances are definitely fugitive;  the “wistful” may be a projection)


  1. nice line about lows in teens.

    the glances may have been furtive as well. (from roger’s thesaurus)

  2. The soundtrack seems wrong for this movie.

  3. Phil:

    Roger - I think you’re right that “furtive” is a better word than “fugitive”. As with reading glasses, it’s hard to admit that one needs an editor ;-)

    Robin - it’s definitely wrong, but that’s what was playing, at least last night.

  4. Carroll:

    I kinda liked the “fugitive glances” though. It produced a mental image of the runaway wistful glances from those slightly-lagging husbands. Worked for me :-)

    Pretty soon you’re going to have to re-name this blog “Perils of a Perpetual Road Warrior”, Phil. I hope you get to hunker down and hang around home for the holidays.

    That’s a beautiful little swag for the gravestone :-)

  5. Phil:

    Thanks, Carroll! If I can actually get out of here Friday night (7 - 12″ of snow predicted), I should have a restful holiday.