Concerted Effort

My Rainbow City Band had its fall concert Friday night.  The theme was TVLand, and we played music from several decades of television shows.  You wonder what kind of petri dish that earworms incubate in?  Look no further:

  • Muppet Show Theme
  •  Star Wars Through The Years
  • West Wing
  • Brady Bunch
  • Olympic Fanfare
  • Mission Impossible
  • Golden Girls
  • Sitcom Medley

We had a “technical rehearsal” at the concert venue the previous Tuesday, in order to get used to the tighter seating, its effect on what we could hear, and to coordinate various announcements and multimedia.  I was a little worried, as it seemed our numbers only sounded good the second time we played them, and there were some technical glitches that I didn’t think actually got fixed.

I was also a little dismayed that, at that point, we’d only sold 150 of the 300 seats in the hall.

Not to worry on either count.  We had a surge of walk-up business, and had to turn a lot of people away.  And, once the curtain opened and the baton came down, we were very tight and focused.  I was thrilled with the entire enterprise.

There was one moment of peril on the night of the performance.  During intermission, the people preparing for an Archie and Edith Bunker skit discovered that no one had bought beer, which apparently was a featured part of the skit.  I volunteered to run up the street and buy a can, and off I went.   As I was running at a dead flat sprint out of the convenience store on the corner of Broadway and Madison with a pair of Budweiser tallboys dangling from my hand, I passed an idling SPD squad car, and my skin started to crawl.  I’m pretty sure that it was the tux that saved me.


  1. beatriz:

    It was a swell show, especially when the eight foot tall Mrs. Brady in drag sashayed across the stage! The Star Trek themes medley was really good.
    The house was packed, and everybody had a great time.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Now I’m going to try to find the theme to West Wing online somewhere. I like to remember that show, Bartlett was one of my favorite presidents.

  3. Molly:

    Your beer run kind of reminds me of the punchline to a really bad joke: “It’s the bottom of the Ninth, the score is tied, and the bassists are loaded”

  4. Phil:

    Robin - Yeah, it’s a shame he couldn’t run for a third term.

    Molly - That’s really funny. Another musical punchline I remember (but don’t remember the joke) involved a 12-inch pianist.

  5. Carroll:

    Hot Damn! That sounds like a fine fun evening all around. If it’s an annual event, I’ll be putting that on my potential travel schedule for next Fall, Phil :-)

  6. Searching Google News for “Seattle Tuxedo Bandit…”

  7. You’re right. Everyone takes pity on a guy in a tux. They probably thought you were a panicky groom, drinking your way to the altar.

    Sounds like a great night.