Let’s Put Up The Tree, Already

At practice last night, we exchanged our TVLand music for the first burst of music for our holiday concert on December 20. The two pieces we sight-read were pretty challenging, and I think that brought us out of a post-concert daze.  One of the pieces was a movement from Gustav Holst’s Winter Suite.  It features antiphonal fanfares from the trumpets, and we experimented with placing pockets of trumpet players in various places around what will be the stage.  It was really exhilarating.  If you go here, there’s an icon you can press to hear the piece (note: that’s not our band).

I’m usually pretty late getting down with the holidays, as my slap-dash gift-giving attests, and look with disdain on the desperate cacophony of holiday commercials that seems to start right after Halloween.  But, after this last practice, my head is in December already.

Also, I finally pieced together photos and video from the OSU band reunion in September here.  It’s taken me a while to get used to the Mac multimedia stuff, iMovie and iPhoto.


  1. Carroll:

    Christmas, schistmas — we’ve got a GAME to play this weekend, Mister!

  2. Phil:

    Carroll - Gah, I’m treasurer of Washington Water Trails Assn, and we have a board retreat over the weekend. Don’t think I’m going to get to see any of the game. I’ll have to sneak score updates on my Blackberry, if I have reception.

  3. Carroll:

    Well, in THAT case…I guess I’ll be rooting for Penn State!