Ashland 2007 Day 2

No plays on Monday. My mom was pretty bagged from the long day on Sunday, so we left her in the cottage and drove east of town a few miles to a little hike we like here called the Grizzly Peak Trail.
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It was a Butterfly Barrio up there, they were all over the place. Here are two pair at different stages in their - um - courtship:

Further up the path, a fairly nonchalant deerlet was grazing away, and every now and then casting glances at us:

As the sign mentioned, there was a fire up there in 2002, and it makes for some eerie landscape to hike through:

I was startled to look down at the trail and see a bare footprint - some lady Sasquatch? A forest nymph clothed in something diaphanous woven from fern? They continued for a long way down the trail. We never saw who they belonged to.

Back in town, we took a short walk after dinner with my mom, and happened on this little performance in the town’s band shell.  It’s pretty hilarious. (Youtube video - click the cartoon icon):

Off for another hike, then Gem of the Ocean tonight.


  1. Love all those butterflies! Wow. How cool to see those beauties on your hike. A little weird to see those bare footprints. Now who would be running around the woods without hiking shoes?

    It must be sweltering hot there because we’re roasting up here. Enjoy the plays.

  2. Phil:

    Yeah, Robin, it was in the low 100s Tuesday, but tonight (Wednesday) T-storms passed through and it rained mightily. Supposed to be in high 80s the rest of the week.

  3. Carroll:

    A week or so back (OK, fine — I’ll check the exact date) On July 7th, your former fellow Salon blogger Dave Pollard posted a link about barefoot hiking, and if you google those terms a bunch of interesting links pop up. Whoever made the print (prints? looks like another one heading the other way on the left) you pictured had a nice high arch at least. Really interesting shot through the burned area, Phil — and the butterflies! Oh my :-)