Just Because I Can

I just have to do this.  I’m using the internet for the first time in flight -Delta is offering wifi service on some of its planes, and has a free promotion going.  I’m impressed with  the speed/bandwidth - I really wasn’t expecting much more than dial-up speed.

I’m on my way from Seattle to Atlanta, and then on to Charleston for our annual oyster roast and Ohio State-Michigan gamewatch at my brother’s place, so this is pretty much the All-Buckeye Blog for the rest of the weekend.  The weather in Charleston looks to be high 60s/low 70s, maybe a little rain on Saturday.  Sounds good compared to the conditions we were walking around in last night - high winds and chilly rain driving horizontally at us.

While paging through some photos of my OSU marching band reunion game on the band’s website, I came across this one of me as my row enters the stadium.  I’m the one with sunglasses and the fanny pack laden with my camera.  I’m chagrined to be leaning forward a little too much (click to enlarge):

I’ve got my horn along on this trip, and my youngest brother and I just might find ourselves playing fight songs in our middle brother’s back forty.

OK, my dang Macbook battery is dying after only an hour.  It’s the only thing I dislike about this thing.  Better post this.  More from the Low Country.


  1. Back in the Old Days on Virgin Atlantic if they saw your horn they would’ve asked you to play for the whole plane.


  2. Phil:

    Hah! If they provided me free drinks first. Then, I’d have to buy drinks for everyone on the plane.

  3. Very cool being able to post while flying. It almost makes flying seem like fun… nah.

  4. Carroll:

    Looks like you got yourselves a winning score again today, Phil:-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Mac laptop batteries, eh? Everything so smooth and classy, but ultimately hostage to early blackout. Youda thought that by now…

  6. Southwest Airlines was doing a similar thing, but I had to pay $5! I did it anyway, just ’cause I could. Haven’t been on another Southwest (or otherwise) flight that allowed this. Too bad….hopefullly soon.

  7. Hi there,

    Glad to see your blog! Thanks for the play suggestion — I’ll check it out. Will be back to visit soon — love your book list, particularly the Rabbit series (my favorite of all time!)